A Home Owner’s Association or HOA is present in many neighborhoods to make sure that the residents look after the community so that it continues to look nice. The members of a HOA will watch the neighborhood for signs that it is not in tip top shape such as yard with lots of weeds, unsightly yard “decorations”, trash being left out, un-shoveled sidewalks after snow, and even the painting of your home.

When you decide to get exterior painting done in Fort Collins with a HOA, it is very important to remember that you must get approval for the colors you are painting your house before you paint it. If not, there can be consequences. The HOA might not notice, but chances are that it will. If it does and you do not have approval, they may approach you and tell you that your home still has to go through the approval process, even if the new paint job is complete. If the colors are not approved, you may be required to repaint your home again. If you refuse to repaint after an approval is not granted, then a lien may be placed on your home which could impact you if you choose to sell your home before repainting. It is extremely rare but we have had clients that asked for approval to paint their homes the same color and got denied!

The process for an approval for a paint job on your home with a HOA is fairly simple, though it may take a while. First, you need to go to your HOA website. Here you will need to either print the application or upload it (depending on your specific HOA) and list the colors some HOA will make you attach paint swatches so they know what the color actually looks like. You will then either email or mail in the application to repaint your home and then the waiting begins. Depending on the efficiency of your HOA, you may have to wait several weeks up to a couple of months to receive a response. Then, if the approval is not granted you have to start the whole process over. Usually getting approval to paint a home in Fort Collins takes 2-6 weeks.

Here at Paint Pals, we advise you to start the HOA process right after you decide what company you are going to have paint your home (hopefully Paint Pals)! Often the painting company will help with getting paint samples to try out new colors on your home if you choose to change the colors. After you decide on the colors you want you can submit the colors to your HOA. There a few HOA that will allow painting companies to do this on your behalf, but almost all of them demand that the homeowner does it and not the painting company. If you plan the painting of your home 4 weeks after picking your painting company you will likely have your approval before the painting date arrives (we will work with you on this). Unfortunately you may have to postpone the painting due to a slow HOA or a denial of colors, we strongly recommend never painting without HOA approval. Please contact your local Paint Pal if you have any other questions about the HOA process.