One of our performance tests this year for interior painting was researching and testing the claims of Behr Marquee Interior paint to see if it really covers in one coat.  If the paint performs as it claims, choosing this paint would be a very good selection for both homeowners and property managers as it is a lower price point than most other top of the line paints on the market right now.  Typically, people think the higher the price, the better the paint for interior painting.  However, due to the prohibitive cost of the higher end alternatives, most settle for mid to low priced choices which don’t always perform as well.  We have found some very exciting information based on our research and testing that has changed our thinking and approach.  

We constantly are in search of the best paint for interior painting and this year was no different.  While Behr Marquee paint has been around for a couple of years, we did not jump on the bandwagon immediately. We didn’t believe or think this product would perform as advertised the first time we heard about it.  However, with further research this year, we found some promising information and decided to put it to the test ourselves.  Consumer Reports claims Behr Marquee is the best for interior painting based on the criteria they test: “Hiding” which means how well a paint covers dark colors, specifically in one coat; “Staining” which shows how well a paint resists tough oil and water based stains; scrubbing; mildew resistance; fade resistance; and self priming.  Armed with this data from Consumer Reports, we set out to test the one-coat claims and recorded the testing to document the results. 

As you can see in the video, we tested the top paints from Sherwin Williams, Benjamin Moore, and Behr.  Specifically, we tested:  Sherwin Williams Duration; Sherwin Williams Emerald; Behr Marquee; and Benjamin Moore Aura paints – All very good choices for interior painting.  Without repeating the entire content from the video, our test showed Behr Marquee performed better than the others tested, and did, in fact cover in one coat.  Additionally, it was the least expensive of all we tested by $16-$27 per gallon of paint – a substantial savings!  The only “catch” with working with the Behr Marquee paint is, the color palette is more limited than the other brands.  In order to get the one-coat results from Behr Marquee, you must select from only the “Marquee One-Coat” colors.  With that being said, there are over 1000 colors to choose from in this category for your interior painting projects.  Another challenge is, there are only about 3 good whites to choose from – the best in our opinion is “Cameo White”.  You can get Behr Marquee made in other colors outside of the “Marquee One-Coat” color options, but those colors do not cover in one coat.

In the end, our testing did show Behr Marquee did remarkably well in living up to it’s “one-coat” coverage claim. As long as you can find a color you like within its limited color palette, Behr Marquee is, in our opinion,  your best choice for interior painting projects. This product makes a lot of sense not only for the individual homeowner, but for the property manager as well.  The savings on labor and material cost, due to its one-coat application, as well as its durability make it a front runner at the time of this writing!  

We do have plans to test these top of the line paints again this year for characteristics other than just coverage. We are excited to see the results and make recommendations based on our findings. So stay tuned, and happy painting!