So first off, even though the can of paint does not warn you of which state not to use the paint in, it is still good to do a little research of the climate in your particular area and how paint reacts to it. There are manufacturers’ that are continuously improving there paint product, but the paint itself will always have its limits. We can use any paint, but we are focused on longevity of the paint and the protection of our homes.

Colorado’s weather is a dry climate that has drastic temperature swings. Within 24 hours the temperature gap can reach up to 40 degrees. Now back in the old days you were not able to use paint in under 50 degree weather, but lucky for us we are able to use the paint in 35 degree weather. In Colorado there is a window of good weather in which we are able to paint the exterior. The winter gets too cold. Between March and October is when we get the average temperature between 40 and 70 degrees which is good painting weather.

Colorado is also a place for a high rating in ultra violet radiation. UV Radiation is a form of energy from the sun. The UV INDEX measures the strength of the radiation from the sun in a certain place and time. We have sunblock for a reason, and that reason is to protect our skin from the sun. The UV rays affect our skin and eyes kind of like it affects the paint on our house.

We here at Paint Pals LLC have always used Sherwin Williams paint. There are various paints that Sherwin Williams produces. Ninety percent of the homes that Paint Pals LLC paints every year we paint with Ambassador paint from Sherwin Williams. This is our favorite paint. Why is it our favorite paint? Because it last the longest. The Ambassador paint has about 26% Titanium Dioxide which is also present in our sunblock. I mentioned earlier that sunblock is important. No other paint has that much Titanium Dioxide. The Superpaint and Duration, also from Sherwin Williams, only have 20% Titanium Dioxide. The Ambassador Paint has about 20% Water & Glycols added to it, where as the Superpaint and Duration have over 40% Water & Glycols added. Other ingredient like the pigments and resins make up most of the remaining formula. Sherwin William’s Ambassador Pant has proven to hold for up to 10 years. That is why we here at Paint Pals LLC love to use Ambassador Paint.

The snow and moisture will wear and tear at the paint, and you will notice it at the bottom boards where the snow sits. The UV rays will continue to bounce on the house which makes the paint fade, but with an awesome paint that is tough enough to handle the various conditions in Colorado, you would not have to worry about the protection of the house for years.