Now there are plenty of books and YouTube videos that explain how to set up a paint sprayer, but this is the way I like to do it. If you are like me, you want to do things right the first time no matter how long it takes.

So first we want to gather up a few things. Obviously we want to get the paint. I recommend we use the 5 gallon buckets of latex paint when using a sprayer. I have found that it is so much easier than dealing with 1 gallon buckets. We are going to need an extension cord, preferably a 12 gauge, for the sprayer. We may need a couple of wrenches that may come in handy later on. We definitely need Throat Seal which is what is used to lube up the sprayer. We want to apply the Throat Seal a couple times a day if we are using the sprayer. You do not want the pump to be running while its dry. Not applying the lube to the sprayer can ruin it. We will need a 5 gallon bucket two thirds full of clean water. Now I like to have another 5 gallon bucket with a strainer in it. I pour the 5 gallon of paint into the bucket with the strainer. This will eliminate those clumps of paint from clogging up the sprayer. Once the paint is poured, you will need some rubber gloves to lift the strainer and squeeze the remaining paint out of the strainer. Now you can go ahead and rinse the strainer in the bucket of clean water. The strainer can be used over and over again. Oh and of course, we will need a sprayer with the spray gun.

So now we are ready to set up the Sprayer. What we are going to do is cycle paint through the pump and then through the line. After that we apply the Tip Housing and the Tip.

OK so we are going to plug in the sprayer. Now we take the Suction Hose and stick that right in the bucket with paint. We need to find the switch on the pump that switches from Spray to Prime. Leave it on Prime. Attached to the Suction Hose is the Return Tube. We want to point that right into the scrap bucket mentioned earlier. Now go ahead and turn the pump on and that should start to drain the water out of the pump (from the last time we used the sprayer). Once you see paint coming out of the Return Tube, quickly transfer the tube to the bucket of paint and let it prime for a couple minutes. So now the pump should be primed. Now we have to do the same to the line and gun. With the Tip Housing and Tip off, point the gun in the same scrap bucket. Very important to switch it to Spray Mode. Also very important to hold down the trigger BEFORE you turn the pump on. This will eliminate a burst of pressure out of the gun. Once you see paint coming out of the gun switch to the bucket of paint. Now you are ready to apply the Tip Housing & Tip.

I like to screw the Tip Housing on so that it is still loose. I then insert the Tip and finishing tightening the Housing. If it leaks while you are spraying, you might want to tighten the Housing even more with the wrenches mentioned earlier. There should be a safety switch that permits you from holding down the trigger.

The last thing you want to do is adjust the pressure on the pump. I like to have a piece of plywood or cardboard to test out some sprays. Once you have the desired pressure, you are ready to spray paint a house. Now there is a special technique when spraying, but we will get into that later.

Painting a house is not easy, and I hope I was able to help out with the learning process of how to set up a sprayer.