The HOA Process

A Home Owner’s Association or HOA is present in many neighborhoods to make sure that the residents look after the community so that it continues to look nice. The members of a HOA will watch the neighborhood for signs that it is not in tip top shape such as yard with lots of weeds, unsightly … Read More »

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How often do you need to paint?

Depends on several factors including: The quality of your last paint job. -Using better paint leads to a longer lasting finish that won’t need touch ups or a new coat for several years. That’s why at Paint Pals we recommend high quality products, a brand we use often is Sherwin Williams because they have a … Read More »

January 13, 2017 | Posted in Exterior Painting Services Fort Collins

Paint Color Selection

General Tips on Choosing New Colors for Your Painting Project Choosing the right colors for your interior or exterior paint job can often prove to be a very daunting task for many homeowners. The average color palette contains thousands of choices of different paint colors, from bold and bright colors to the more common earth … Read More »

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