Winter Discount

Paint Pals is offering a 10% off winter discount. Since we can only do interior painting this time of the year Paint Pals is offering a 10% off all interior projects until March 2014. Take advantage of this seasonal discount opportunity today and call or email us to get your free estimate!

New Year Coupon

Paint Pals is excited about the new year 2013! To get the year started right we will be offering 15% off all Interiors for the first 2 months of the year. That’s right all interior painting projects for Jan & Feb of 2013 will be 15% off. Happy New Years!

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Home Painters Can Transform Your House with Color

home painters Fort CollinsThe saying “Spring showers bring May flowers” is especially true along the Front Range this year! Do all the pops of color in the garden have you feeling inspired to add some to your home’s exterior? The home painters at Paint Pals of Fort Collins have the experience and expertise to recommend tasteful color combinations for the outside of your house.

Home Painters Color Combination Suggestions

  • Glamorous: A bright hue, like lipstick red, will definitely call attention to itself so be sure to use it on architectural features that you would like highlighted. Pair it with a dark neutral, such as black, to keep it elegant.
  • Eclectic: A color that is not very common but very refreshing is purple- it coordinates well with dark cool hues like forest green or navy blue. Purple can be overpowering so a muted shade will look best on exterior surfaces.
  • Sunny: Warm tones such as orange or yellow are very welcoming and pair well with a cool neutral like taupe. Choose warm colors to add contrast between your home and landscape.
  • Cool Blue: If you really love just one color, than a great option is to choose a bold color for a small area, like the front door, and a darker shade of that color for larger sections. Blue is a good example of a color that can be too intense if used all over unless it has some brown or grey in it.

While we recommend choosing a neutral for the majority of your home’s exterior, choosing more vibrant colors for the trim, front door and shutters, if you have them, can create a variety of different looks. Let your interior decorating style be reflected on the exterior of your house as well with a fresh coat of paint! The home painters with Paint Pals in Fort Collins can dramatically transform the exterior of your house with endless color combinations- call us today for a free consultation!


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Spring is a Great Time for Deck Staining in Fort Collins

deck staining Fort CollinsWeather and foot traffic (of both people and pets) take a toll on backyard decks. A construction contractor interviewed for a deck restoration project with This Old House said, “I’m sometimes asked to replace pressure-treated decks that are less than 8 years old. Most of these decks are victims of neglect. With regular maintenance, a deck will easily last for twice as long.” Extend the life of your deck by hiring Paint Pals of Fort Collins to professionally restore and protect it with our effective deck staining process.

3 Steps of Deck Staining and Restoration

  1. Repair– A thorough inspection checking for both cosmetic and structural damage is the first step in deck restoration. Close attention should be paid to the connection between the deck and house as well as the supporting posts and joists. Look for rotted wood, loose or rusted screws, bolts or flashing, and black stains that indicate mold growth.
  2. Clean– An annual cleaning is essential to keeping your deck in prime condition. A pressure washer with a fan nozzle works best for resistant stains. Depending on the type of cleaner used, nearby plants will either need to be washed before and after cleaning or covered in plastic for protection from harsher chemicals.
  3. Seal– Using a semitransparent stain makes new wood blend in while the pigment helps protect the deck from UV rays so it will last longer than clear finishes. A second coat should be applied while the first is still damp for proper absorption. To keep your deck looking its best, alternate between applying a new coat and a water repellent every other year for the ultimate protection.

Spring is an ideal time for a deck staining project so you can enjoy the warmer weather and greener landscape in the months ahead! Call Paint Pals of Fort Collins today for a free estimate- you will be impressed with how affordable and quick our deck staining service is, and we guarantee your total satisfaction.

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Commercial Painters Tips on Current Color Trends

commercial painters Fort CollinsPaint Pals of Fort Collins are commercial painters that offer interior and exterior services for all types of properties including recreational facilities, day care centers, restaurants, hotels, office buildings and many more. Our highly trained and experienced teams conduct thorough prep work on each site, and apply only top-quality products using the most precise techniques for a durable finish.

Color Trends for Commercial Painters

  • Healthcare: To enable patients to easily navigate hallways, contrast a light colored floor with dark walls or vice versa. Choosing warm, calming colors will also help patients and their families feel less anxious while waiting.
  • Hospitality: Instead of steadfastly adhering to a brand’s color palette, consider straying slightly to reflect the local urban scene or colors of the surrounding environment. Travelers want to feel immersed in a new place and the regional characteristics.
  • Education: Blue has been shown to promote communication, concentration and productivity. Adding an orange hue in small accents will complement the blue and make the space more lively.
  • Office: Research has proved that color can create energy or calmness and inspire innovation! Carefully selecting color in the work space does make a psychological difference on employees- click here for Sherwin-Williams 2016/17 trend palette for feature walls in the office.

If it’s time for a new coat of paint on your commercial property, the expert painters of Fort Collins Paint Pals would be happy to discuss your ideas and offer feedback on the current color trends. Our professional teams will complete the job quickly and with minimal disruption to your business. We offer a two-year warranty, but our high quality results last much longer. If you are looking for knowledgeable and reliable commercial painters in Fort Collins, call Paint Pals today!

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The Who, What, When, Where & Why of Exterior Painting

exterior painting Fort CollinsWhether the outside of your home is showing its age, or you’re just ready for a change, a fresh coat of paint will dramatically update its curb appeal. Hiring professionals trained and experienced in exterior painting like those at PaintPals of Fort Collins will ensure the job gets done quickly with a top-quality and durable outcome.

The Basics of Exterior Painting

Who: A professional crew can typically finish a three-bedroom home in 3-4 days. If a homeowner takes on this project with a partner, it will usually take 7-10 days.

When: Summer is the most popular season to tackle exterior painting projects due to its warmer temperatures and lesser chance of precipitation. However, there are now paints available that will cure in cooler weather, down to 35 degrees.

Wear: A professional job should last at least between 10-15 years.

Why: If you’re planning to put your home on the market, a fresh coat of paint to enhance its curb appeal almost always results in a great return on your investment. Maintenance exterior painting will help prevent potential water damage as well.

How much: Expect to pay $1-2/ft2 for supplies and labor but if the surface is in very poor condition, the extra prep work will be an additional cost. DIY only saves 50 cents to $1 per square foot.

What else: If your home was built before 1978, a lead test is required before applying new paint. Extra precautions will be necessary if the test is positive for lead.

May we suggest you save yourself the stress and hassle of tackling this formidable project and hire the experts in exterior painting at PaintPals in Fort Collins? You’ll be glad you did!


Hiring House Painters Will Sell Your Home for More

house painters Fort CollinsIf you are getting ready to put your house on the market, you may wonder how much of a difference paint color really makes? A 2016 Zillow Digs report compared room colors from about 50,000 homes and found that color did impact the sale price! Paint Pals of Fort Collins are expert house painters that can assist in choosing colors with mass appeal to help you sell your house for more.

Best Colors to Choose for House Painters When Selling Your Home

  • Yellow for the Kitchen: Surprisingly, a soft yellow (think wheat) on the walls of the kitchen was the most popular color for home buyers, earning the seller an average of $1,360 more in the Zillow study. The cozy feel of a kitchen painted in a subtly golden hue was much more appealing than kitchens whose walls were left white, which sold below asking price.
  • Green in the Bedroom: The next biggest return on a color choice is soothing green on the bedroom walls, as seen in homes selling with a $1,332 premium. Avoid dark brown in the bedroom, which contributed to homes selling about $230 below expectations.
  • Purple Dining Room: Maybe the biggest surprise in the study was that homes with dining rooms painted in a neutral purple, such as mauve, brought in $1,122 more than expected! Altough gray is the best choice for living rooms, it is not popular in dark shades on dining room walls- as seen in homes selling for $1,112 under the asking price.
  • Gray for the Living Room: Light gray works extremely well as a neutral backdrop and makes a space feel larger, bringing a $1,104 premium for homes with gray living rooms. Homes with living rooms painted an orange hue, like terracotta, sold for about $800 less than expected.
  • Tan Bathrooms: Be sure to choose lighter shades for bathrooms to avoid making them feel cramped and dark. Homes with dark brown bathrooms sold for $500 less than the competition, while homes with light tan bathrooms netted $300 more.

If your home has colors that might deter buyers or just needs a fresh coat, count on the expert house painters in Fort Collins, Paint Pals, to quickly and affordably make your house ready to list.


How to Prepare for Professional Interior Painters

Nothing changes a room so quickly and dramatically as a fresh coat of paint! If you have decided to freshen up your space, save yourself time and ensure a beautiful finish by hiring reputable interior painters like Paint Pals of Fort Collins. As experienced professional painters, we have the knowledge, tools and skills to transform your home in just a few days!

Guide to Preparing for Interior Painters

  1. Scale: If you are planning to change the color of just one isolated room, you won’t need to consider how the surrounding areas relate as much as when painting an open-concept space or entire level of your home. One tip is to always plan on a fresh coat for the ceiling as well because they often end up looking dingy when the wall color is new.
  1. Color: This step in paint selection is the most time-consuming and can be overwhelming with so many colors to choose from. To ensure that you’ll be happy with the finished product, take the time to tryout several samples in your space. First, tape chips on the wall and take a few days to see which keep drawing your attention. Then actually apply a few samples, but be sure to prime beforehand so the sample is not affected by the old color. It’s also a good idea to choose a lighter shade and a darker one to test which works better with the changing light throughout the day.
  1. Finish: A flat finish hides flaws the best but is not easily cleaned, so it’s best suited for less-used areas. Eggshell is the most popular finish for most rooms because it is not too shiny and endures multiple wipings. Semi-gloss is even easier to wipe than eggshell but due to its sheen, is best used on trim and woodwork. The least applied finish is gloss, really only suitable for trim that is exposed to higher moisture levels.
  1. Type: The last decision you’ll need to make is whether to use latex or oil-based paint. For most areas, latex will probably make more sense because it dries faster and doesn’t yellow with age. It is water-based versus oil-based, which means there is less odor during application and clean up is easier. Oil-based paint also takes longer to dry but levels out while drying to hide brushstrokes better. Oil-based paint may be preferred for woodwork for its smooth finish and because it is more durable than latex.

When looking for superior interior painters in Fort Collins, look no further than Paint Pals- we have hundreds of satisfied clients that can confirm our reputation for beautiful interior paint jobs!

The HOA Process

A Home Owner’s Association or HOA is present in many neighborhoods to make sure that the residents look after the community so that it continues to look nice. The members of a HOA will watch the neighborhood for signs that it is not in tip top shape such as yard with lots of weeds, unsightly yard “decorations”, trash being left out, un-shoveled sidewalks after snow, and even the painting of your home.

When you decide to get exterior painting done in Fort Collins with a HOA, it is very important to remember that you must get approval for the colors you are painting your house before you paint it. If not, there can be consequences. The HOA might not notice, but chances are that it will. If it does and you do not have approval, they may approach you and tell you that your home still has to go through the approval process, even if the new paint job is complete. If the colors are not approved, you may be required to repaint your home again. If you refuse to repaint after an approval is not granted, then a lien may be placed on your home which could impact you if you choose to sell your home before repainting. It is extremely rare but we have had clients that asked for approval to paint their homes the same color and got denied!

The process for an approval for a paint job on your home with a HOA is fairly simple, though it may take a while. First, you need to go to your HOA website. Here you will need to either print the application or upload it (depending on your specific HOA) and list the colors some HOA will make you attach paint swatches so they know what the color actually looks like. You will then either email or mail in the application to repaint your home and then the waiting begins. Depending on the efficiency of your HOA, you may have to wait several weeks up to a couple of months to receive a response. Then, if the approval is not granted you have to start the whole process over. Usually getting approval to paint a home in Fort Collins takes 2-6 weeks.

Here at Paint Pals, we advise you to start the HOA process right after you decide what company you are going to have paint your home (hopefully Paint Pals)! Often the painting company will help with getting paint samples to try out new colors on your home if you choose to change the colors. After you decide on the colors you want you can submit the colors to your HOA. There a few HOA that will allow painting companies to do this on your behalf, but almost all of them demand that the homeowner does it and not the painting company. If you plan the painting of your home 4 weeks after picking your painting company you will likely have your approval before the painting date arrives (we will work with you on this). Unfortunately you may have to postpone the painting due to a slow HOA or a denial of colors, we strongly recommend never painting without HOA approval. Please contact your local Paint Pal if you have any other questions about the HOA process.

How often do you need to paint?

Depends on several factors including:

The quality of your last paint job. -Using better paint leads to a longer lasting finish that won’t need touch ups or a new coat for several years. That’s why at Paint Pals we recommend high quality products, a brand we use often is Sherwin Williams because they have a wide variety of high quality products for a wide array of substrates (types of surfaces that get painted). Here at Paint Pals we work with Sherwin Williams, and reccomend paints that do well in Fort Collins Colorado. We are able to make almost any color you want, and can even match colors from other brands so you don’t have to worry about limited color choices. There are also different finishes available. We recommend these based on the location of your home, the last kind of paint used on your home, and what type of home we are painting (wood, metal, stucco, etc.) We aim for the highest quality paint job to begin with so that the next paint job won’t need to happen for years down the road.


The type of home. Most of the homes built in the last few decades are wood but NOT solid planks of actual wood, but rather a composite material that is scraps of wood pressed together with glue and have a wood grained mold made on one side. This substrate actually holds paint and last longer than the older homes made of solid wood planks. Depending on many factors these types of homes can last 8-12 years before you see signs of paint failure. Wood sided homes composed of real planks of wood require repainting between 3 and 7 years.  If the house has real wood and is stained with a semi-transparent stain, restaining is recommended every 2-4 years. Aluminum/metal siding can go about 8-15 years between paint jobs, if the metal is electrostatically powder coated in a factory the finish can last 10-25 years. Stucco can last a long time and you will usually see cracking in the stucco first which isn’t necessarily paint related, but fading usually happens in about 8 to 12 years depending on how much sun exposure it gets.


Where you live. -Painting in Fort Collins Colorado is different than other areas. We have a dry heat summer, and very cold and wet winters. Due to the two extremes, homes tend to need a new coat of paint toward the lower end of the time frames. For example, your typical home is generally recommended to be painted every 9 to 12 years. In Colorado, we are looking at 7-10 years due to the weather.


The color. -Darker color paints are going to show wear and fading earlier than lighter coats due to the attraction of heat to their surfaces. Like an asphalt road would be hotter to the touch then a sidewalk on a hot summer day, a dark brown home will get more heat than a light yellow home. Keep in mind the darker the colors you choose, the more you may notice fading and earlier you will need repaint.


If you have any other questions about how long a paint job should last please don’t hesitate to contact us, your local Fort Collins painter, we can put you in touch with a paint specialist and answer any of your questions. If you are considering painting your home we can have a estimator come out and access your home free of charge.



The Paint Pals Team

Paint Color Selection – Some general tips on choosing new colors for your painting project

Choosing the right colors for your interior or exterior paint job can often prove to be a very daunting task for many homeowners. The average color palette contains thousands of choices of different paint colors, from bold and bright colors to the more common earth tones. Through our experience providing professional painting services in Fort Collins area we have outlined a few basic tips to simplify your next color selection when painting your home.

1. First, we always recommend brainstorming some general ideas of the colors you have in mind. This may include driving around your neighborhood to identify favorable color schemes, or speaking with a professional at your local paint store. Many Sherwin Williams locations now offer outside color consultations to assist homeowners in choosing colors for their new paint job.

2. Next, we suggest identifying the actual colors from a paint manufacturer of your choice (we recommend either Sherwin Williams or Kwal Howells). Generally we recommend choosing a few different shades of each color you have selected, as most paints will look a little different than how they appear on the actual index card. It is important that you purchase a physical sample of each color you are interested in prior to final paint selection. Sherwin Williams ColorSnap ( is a great application for mobile devices that can be used when choosing Sherwin Williams paint colors.

3. After purchasing a few samples of the colors you have in mind, we next recommend applying a physical “test-patch” of the paint to either the exterior or interior of your house. We recommend at least one square foot per color, and in various locations across the house. This is a very important step that many homeowners overlook, but will provide you with the true color and appearance of your paint selection across different areas of your house.

Remember if you live in an homeowners association, most color changes must be submitted to your review board prior to be approved for painting. We recommend allowing at least one to two months for this process as each HOA can be different. We hope this helps in your color selection for your next painting project!

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What is the best paint to use for the exterior of my house in this ridiculous weather we have in our great state of Colorado?

So first off, even though the can of paint does not warn you of which state not to use the paint in, it is still good to do a little research of the climate in your particular area and how paint reacts to it. There are manufacturers’ that are continuously improving there paint product, but the paint itself will always have its limits. We can use any paint, but we are focused on longevity of the paint and the protection of our homes.

Colorado’s weather is a dry climate that has drastic temperature swings. Within 24 hours the temperature gap can reach up to 40 degrees. Now back in the old days you were not able to use paint in under 50 degree weather, but lucky for us we are able to use the paint in 35 degree weather. In Colorado there is a window of good weather in which we are able to paint the exterior. The winter gets too cold. Between March and October is when we get the average temperature between 40 and 70 degrees which is good painting weather.

Colorado is also a place for a high rating in ultra violet radiation. UV Radiation is a form of energy from the sun. The UV INDEX measures the strength of the radiation from the sun in a certain place and time. We have sunblock for a reason, and that reason is to protect our skin from the sun. The UV rays affect our skin and eyes kind of like it affects the paint on our house.

We here at Paint Pals LLC have always used Sherwin Williams paint. There are various paints that Sherwin Williams produces. Ninety percent of the homes that Paint Pals LLC paints every year we paint with Ambassador paint from Sherwin Williams. This is our favorite paint. Why is it our favorite paint? Because it last the longest. The Ambassador paint has about 26% Titanium Dioxide which is also present in our sunblock. I mentioned earlier that sunblock is important. No other paint has that much Titanium Dioxide. The Superpaint and Duration, also from Sherwin Williams, only have 20% Titanium Dioxide. The Ambassador Paint has about 20% Water & Glycols added to it, where as the Superpaint and Duration have over 40% Water & Glycols added. Other ingredient like the pigments and resins make up most of the remaining formula. Sherwin William’s Ambassador Pant has proven to hold for up to 10 years. That is why we here at Paint Pals LLC love to use Ambassador Paint.

The snow and moisture will wear and tear at the paint, and you will notice it at the bottom boards where the snow sits. The UV rays will continue to bounce on the house which makes the paint fade, but with an awesome paint that is tough enough to handle the various conditions in Colorado, you would not have to worry about the protection of the house for years.